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Dot Spot - Free & Pro

Quick fire counting game, test and improve your reaction time.

  • How many can you count in 30 seconds?
  • Count the dots and try to beat the high scores to get your name on the leader boards.
  • Can you beat the top score?

Jump Scare

Scare your friends with this Jump Scare app.

Make them jump and then show all your friends with the sharing ability.


Silly Quiz - Free & Pro

The Silly Quiz!

This is a quiz with questions and conundrums.
Can you answer them all?
Paid version includes four quizzes with a total of 32 Questions


Upload / Download

Have you ever wondered how long a download will take?

Too lazy to calculate yourself?
Then this is the app for you!

Calculate download and upload times from your speed and the file size.
Times given in seconds and minutes for your convenience.