In the beginning

For my first post I think I'll start with a bit of history of how I got started with app development. 

It all started when I used to work in a computer repair shop and I wanted to learn more about OS X as I had little experience with it. I didn't want to spend a large amount of money on a mac to only use it to get used to the operating system so I found a work around online. This involved running OS X within an emulator and while it wasn't perfect it did allow me to get used to the OS X's features such as the mac app store which is how I discovered Xcode. If you've never heard of Xcode it is the free IDE for iOS and OS X application, the tool used to create apps and programs. 

I started playing around with it, following a guide online and I built my first app, the classic hello world app that most first time developers make. This got my hooked on app development and I started work on what would be my first app that I would release, Crafting Recipes. It took me around six weeks to capture all the images I needed, type up all the text and mash it all together into an app. I released the app and I was over the moon the next day when I saw I had five downloads, five! In one day!

Over 3 years and 450,000 downloads later here we are, just released an Android version of Crafting Recipes (better late then never) and we have updates planned for a few others of our 'classic' apps as well as a some new projects planned. 

I'll speak more on these later but I think this is a good start to this whole blogging endeavour.




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