My first app

Let's talk about my first app that I released onto the Apple App Store, Crafting Recipes, I spoke about it briefly last time but I'll go into some more detail as to how I made my first app.

I was a big Minecraft fan at the time playing it with my friends on our little server I set up, nothing massive just a few of us building randomness (underwater glass tunnels, creeper proof obsidian shelter, etc). This was before creative mode was introduced so we had to remember how to craft things ourselves or have guides up in a browser tab that we had to switch to. This was when I decided to develop an app to make it easier for us to find what we wanted to craft.

I spent around six weeks getting all the assets together, images of the item being crafted and my typed description of each item. As I was new to app development I ended up creating the app pretty much solely within the storyboard file, this is the visual demonstration of what your app screens will look like. The app contained very little code as I just didn't have the experience to create it as you normally would within the code. 

As I practised more though I updated the app and transitioned to the normal way of running a tableview based app with the code creating the tableview and the detail view controller. I added a search function, related items, favourites and more, with more features and updates coming soon. With Minecraft update 1.9 on it's way we have an app update planned to include the new items and some cosmetic changes as well. This update will be for both the iOS version and the newly released Android version with more features coming to the Android version soon. 



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