I'll turn that idea or flash of inspiration into something tangible.

Minus the bathtub though, the servers don't like the water.

Made with Love

Everything I do is done with a passion for what I'm creating. It's what drives me to make something special, because if I don't enjoy it, then you're not going to either.


I stay agile to ensure I can get underway quickly and adapt to changes that come my way whilst still meeting targets.


I'm really proud of the work done to help out local charities.

By working with me, you enable me to do more for them. So good on you!


Too many times you hear of people who hired someone to do some work and then were promptly forgotten about once they'd received it. I'm not like that. I want to build something together, be it the latest app, website or just getting you online. Once I've done that I want to help you understand it and then improve upon it.

I'm passionate about understanding what it takes to make something unique and to a set of guidelines and deadlines. Not some faceless corporate entity just out to improve the bottom line.

Just to check...

  • Latest Technologies
  • Reliable
  • Tailored Service
  • Ongoing Support
  • Secure
  • Content Management
  • Added Value

Things I do...

iOS Development

I cut my teeth on developing for Apple devices so you can be sure I'll deliver the best app for your business on the flagship iPhones and iPads.

Android Development

Millions of devices run Android and more come out every day. Let me make your idea into a reality and make it available to a massive customer base.

Website Development

Getting online is easy these days, everyone is connected. I'll make sure your website follows the latest trends, displays on everything from a phone to a desktop and generates the customer interaction you want.


A bad workman blames his tools. That's why I ensure our kit is always top notch. Our servers are fast, reliable and tailored to ensure your site is out there and stays there.


I take security seriously to give you peace of mind that your data is safe. Regular checks, backups and updates ensure you don't need to worry.

Continuous Development

Technology doesn't stand still so neither will I. Always improving our systems and processes to ensure you're always getting the best I can offer.


Want to see how many hits you got last week? I can help you start tracking visitors to your site and if you want to take it a step further I'll be there to help you.

If all that sounds like a great fit for you, then do get in touch!