Writing the about page for your own website is one of the most difficult things to do. You want to appear to be witty, knowledgeable but without sounding like a braggart. Honestly, try it someday and then come back here and let me know how it went.

Who is really simple. I'm a developer who makes things for other people and occasionally little labours of love for myself. I make Apps and little things in between that hopefully make your life that bit better. Ultimately I want to work with you to make something special.

Scroll down further to see a little timeline of the company. Or head over to the portfolio page to see some of the things we've created.

AppsbyMe Founded

This is where it all began.

April 2012

First App Launched

We launched Crafting Recipes, our app to compliment the immensely popular game, Minecraft. check it out


Upload / Download Launched

Our simple app to help you figure out your potential network speed.


Silly Quiz Launched

A few questions for a bit of fun.


Silly Quiz Free Launched

We decided to release a free version of our Quiz app with development supported by in game adverts


Crafting Recipes Pro Launched

We decided to release a pro version of the popular Crafting Recipes app with a bigger feature set and a faster release schedule. Development continued on the free version.


Dot Spot Launched

We went live with a free and pro version of our new app on the same day.


1st Birthday

Happy birthday to us!


Jump Scare Launched

The perfect app for scaring your friends just went live.


Colour Match Launched on iOS

The addictive colour matching game with a steep learning curve went live on the Appstore.


2nd Birthday

We'd offer you cake, but we ate it.


Colour Match Launched on Android

Branching out onto the Android platform with the Colour Matching game.


Photo Lock and Show Launched

Launch date for the perfect app for showing photo's without giving access to your entire camera roll.


Launched our new website

We went live with version 3 of our website.


St Gemmas Hospice App Released

We launched the app for St Gemma's hospice.


3rd Birthday

Where did time go?


University of Bradford Student Union App Released

We launched the app for University of Bradford Union.


RamAir - University of Bradford Student Radio App Released

Helped RamAir enter the world of apps.


0-100 Released

The game of complete luck


Darkness. iOS released

The tricky puzzle game where you can't see what's going on


Darkness. Android released

The tricky puzzle game where you can't see what's going on


4th Birthday

Starting to feel old now!


Your name here?

I'd love to work with you and give you a space on the timeline.

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